July 11, Saturday 10am-2pm                                                                                         Follow-up Workshop                                                               Columbus State Conference Center, 4th Fl.  Center for Workforce Development                                              315 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215                                                         



Cedric Brown

Summer Workshop Presenters

10th Anniversary Conference 2015

    "Working While Black III"

U Can Soar presenter Cedric Brown at   http://www.ucansoar.com/   will bring a 90 minute presentation that should attract ALL ages, especially youth and young adults.  U Can Soar is a youth empowerment service created to inspire a desire of  excellence in our youth and young adults while providing strategies for overcoming roadblocks to success. We all have a story to tell. Cedric is no different.  As a direct result of his lifestyle on the streets of Cleveland and his distorted belief system, he ended up serving nearly two decades in 4 of Ohio's prisons.

Cedric  has an Associate’s Degree in Self-Destruction, a Bachelor’s Degree in Street Madness, and a Master’s Degree in Overcoming Roadblocks.  He graduated from the University of Bumps & Bruises. Academically, he's a graduate of Ashland University and currently pursuing his Bachelor's in Urban Studies through Cleveland State University.

Chandrika Boyd has a story of struggle and hope. She was in college full-time and working full-time whenher vision of her life was challenged by an unplanned pregnancy. Chandrika said, "People thought my 'life was  over,' but the situation pushed me more to earn my degree. With added fervor she persisted and persevered. She is experienced and instructive in overcoming the negative images and statistics.   Be challenged and inspired.

Chandrika is a Global OTC (Order to Cash) Escalation and Credit Supervisor in the finance department for a medical products company. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science in 2002 and Masters in Business Administration in 2007 from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. She aspires to continue traveling both domestically and internationally utilizing her analytical skills and knowledge with a desire to move into the Merger & Acquisition division. Chandrika taught middle school in Detroit Public Schools for three years and served as youth leader at her home church in Detroit for three years, prior to relocating to Columbus, OH. She now works with the DESTINY Daughters ministry at First Church of GOD, where she is responsible for coordinating workshops, teaching 13-17 year olds, and empowering young ladies in the church and community.